Ok maybe not a Californian, but here are some ways to determine whether or not someone is a tourist, just moved here or is not native to Idaho. I am guilty of a lot of these ones. I am not from California, but I do qualify as an :out of stater" who moved here because I love it.

There are some pretty distinct ways to find out if someone is from out of the state.

  • 1

    Their license plate

    There are a ton of California and out of state license plates. You can tell when an Idahoan has a rental because they will leave a sign in the window disclaiming such things.

  • 2

    Driving something other than a truck or SUV

    I swear it is a right of passage to own a truck or SUV in Idaho. Idahoans love the outdoors and chances are if you don't own a truck or SUV you are probably from out of the state.

  • 3

    They ask for ranch instead of fry sauce

    Clear way to determine someone is not from here. Fry sauce is a staple around here. Even more of a give away is if you hear someone ask what fry sauce is. Yep, definitely Californian, or wherever.

  • 4

    They don't know what finger steaks are

    If you are in a restaurant and the person asks what a finger steak is, they are definitely not from around here. Finger steaks are again, a staple.

  • 5

    They look nervous around people who are open carrying

    Idaho is unique in the aspect that pretty much everyone over the age of 18 can open carry, they can even conceal carry over 18 without a permit. So when people from out of the state see guns everywhere, they aren't used to it and it can make them feel uncomfortable.

  • 6

    They are clueless on the road

    In all fairness, some of them may be from here too. That being said, if you see someone turn the wrong way down and one way street or get confused at one of the 5 points intersections, they are probably not a native.

  • 7

    They take pictures of the rock chucks

    Rock chucks are kind of fascinating, I admit I was fascinated by them when I first moved here. They are huge looking prairie dogs. They are also kind of gross.

  • 8

    They haven't heard of Snow-magedon

    Man that was a crazy winter. It was only a few years ago but I am pretty sure it scarred some of the newbies in the area, including me. If you don't remember it or have never heard of it, you probably aren't from here.

  • 9

    Mispronounce a lot of names

    Perrine, Shoshone, Couer d'Alene, Boise, Weiser, there are so many places and names that get pronounced wrong and if you didn't grow up here, chances are you have or will say them incorrectly. I have had to be corrected several times.

  • 10

    They might not have

    If there is someone around that doesn't have the stereotypical farmers tan they might not be from here. There are a lot of Idahoans that work outside and keep themselves covered from the sun. If the tan is perfect and even, they may not be from here.

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