Published data has determined that vampires are walking the streets of most major U.S. cities, and some states are failing miserably when it comes to accommodating their needs. Idaho is one of the states that appears to be greeting its bloodsucking community with big old bunches of garlic instead of open arms.

The vampire population in the United States is estimated to be in the ballpark of roughly 5,000, according to numerous online websites such as (and they outta know). These individuals don't morph into bats or sleep in coffins--well, most do not--but do identify as devout followers of the lifestyle that most of us classify as folklore.

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What makes for an ideal town or city that has the ability to sustain a vampire's needs? Well, according to a 2022 study by, some things that factor in include those that have a healthy number of blood donation centers, casket supply businesses, amounts of annual sunshine, and the highest number of options for nightlife. Idaho might not be meeting many of these needs, but there are certainly a large number of homes with basements in the Gem State.

A 2021 story about vampires in the state did identify southeast Idaho as being home to more than one self-identifying vampire. Idaho was nowhere to be found on last year's list of top accommodating states for vampires. Washington, California, and Nevada did manage to land on the list, but it appears Idaho has a way to go before the state can be considered vampire friendly.

Many Idahoans might consider Californians to be their bloodsucking residents. For fans of those who lurk in the darkness wearing capes and flashing fangs, actor Nicholas Cage will be portraying Dracula in the upcoming film Renfield which comes out on April 14.

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