Twin Falls is a one of a kind place to live. I absolutely love it here. There are some unique observations about this town and the people in it though. I have a feeling you will agree you have observed all of them as well.

Twin Falls LOVES Food

When a new restaurant opens Twin Falls residents show up in droves! We love new food, we love trying new food, and we love our local staples. Twin Falls has so many options for food because we love keeping restaurants in business. Especially those locally owned and operated.

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Downtown Is Set Up A Little Weird

I know that Downtown Twin Falls was built first and the rest of the town was built around it. Downtown Twin Falls is a diamond, or square, in the middle of town. The one-ways aren't nearly as bad as some places in Idaho though. I'm looking at you Pocatello.

Your Neighbors Are Nice, Not Scoping Out Your House

My neighbors literally brought me a plate of cookies the first week we were here. At first I thought it was weird, but it is just because they are actually NICE people here. There is no ulterior motive, they genuinely want to welcome you.

Red Lights Are A "Suggestion"

I have seen more people run red lights than I have seen people obey them. Ok, that is an exaggeration, but you have to admit, it happens a lot here. I am not sure why it is, but people are on the defensive or there would be way more accidents.

5 Point Intersections Are Weird

I think I have only seen one other five point intersection in my entire life, and there are two in Twin Falls. They make sense and work here really well, but they were super confusing to me at first.

Alcohol Is Some Serious Business

We have several breweries in town, there is a distillery, Idaho had to make special rules about purchasing rare whiskey and bourbon. Twin Falls is serious about their alcohol and we are here for it. The more local the better. For a fairly small town we have some great options.

It's Full Of Nerds And We Love It!

Nerd is not a bad thing anymore and we are here for it! Things that could have been considered nerdy back in the day is the coolest here. The Orpheum Theatre has local performers and people love to watch them. You can see people play Pokemon Go in the park downtown. There are LARPing groups! I love the nerdiness! We are a passionate town.

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