This is an interesting study about driving to and from work. The study by Haven Life has listed the big cities with the shortest commute times - but that doesn't mean they are the best commute times. Here's why: if your commute time is 30 minutes, would you rather that drive be a long drive on the highway, through a countryside, on city roads, or slow speeds for a shorter distance or would you rather take a bus or drive yourself?

I worked in Kansas City for a few years and that 30 minute commute was pretty much all highway through industrial sections of town and I hated it. I also worked in Las Vegas with a commute of about 30 minutes but that wasn't too bad because I had a few options on how to get there and one of those took me by the Strip which is always a pretty cool sight. Here in Twin Falls I wouldn't even call it a commute. I live 2 minutes from work. That's a lot of variables to try and determine the best commutes. The Haven Life has listed Boise as one of the shortest (not the best) commutes - at about 37 minutes round trip. But, Boise does have a good argument for also being one of the best since the city is beautiful!

What do you think, do you like the Twin Falls commute or have you live in a big city with a nicer commute?

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