There are few things us Idaho people want more in life than for our kids to be healthy. How are we doing in that area? Let's just say that Idaho faces some big challenges. just ranked all the states in the country according to how healthy their kids are. Check out the map for yourself.

Idaho is ranked #25 in America for healthy kids. Leave it to us to end up right in the middle.

When you look at the breakdown of why, it gets interesting. We receive OK ratings when it comes to socioeconomic conditions, health and safety. Where we fall down is in the education and child care area. Here's the specific methodology from for this area.

"Education and Child Care" includes Average Percentage of Students at or Above Proficiency in Math and Reading, High School Graduation Rates, Child Care Availability, Child Care Quality and Child Care Cost. Data are from, Department of Education,

To me, that seems to be pointing an accusing finger at the Idaho public school system and a general lack of available, affordable child care.

According to Ballotpedia, Idaho spends less per pupil than any of the states around us. Not good.

As with many of the issues of our day, there aren't a lot of easy answers. But, for the health and welfare of our kids that most of us care about seriously, maybe we should prioritize coming up with an answer. You think?

Check out the full study to see what you think of it all.

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