When you go to a park in Idaho, you never know what you'll encounter. For one family, it was a pack of baby squirrels who weren't afraid of these strange humans.

I first saw this video shared on LiveLeak. That led me to Brad Byers YouTube channel where he described what happened when they came across this group of mini-squirrels. Here's Brad's description on YouTube:

We had a birthday celebration for my mother at a campground that was open for the first time this year. The weather just got good enough. To my surprise four baby squirrels popped up out of a hole near our picnic table after we were done with cake and ice cream.

With all of the other nasty stuff in the news these days, a family playing with a group of baby squirrels might qualify as a necessary "awwww" moment in your day. Good thing that the Byers family were kind and not looking to cause harm to squirrels that don't know they probably need to fear humans sooner rather than later.

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