At work today I mentioned that I was excited for all the fireworks to end tonight at exactly midnight so I could sleep. Then we all laughed and set off a fountain in the parking lot that screamed like a banshee and shot colorful sparks into the air.

Photo by Nong V on Unsplash
Photo by Nong V on Unsplash

Firework Rules Seem More Like Guidelines

We didn’t really set off a firework at work, that’s frowned upon, but we all know very well that nothing will magically happen at midnight to stop the fireworks. This isn't a Disney princess movie. Firework rules are more like the pirate code: just a set of guidelines. What those guidelines mean depends on who you ask during the Independence Day celebrations. We know the rules, but we want them to mean something else so we justify them to fit the form of what we want to do.

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Could You Tell Who Was Setting Off Illegal Fireworks

I was in Kimberly for the 4th and watched the various fireworks exploding around the valley. The craziest part was that from about 10:15 to 11 PM, none of us could honestly say for sure which fireworks were from the CSI show and which were from random residents. We knew the general direction to look and that didn’t help.

So, if all these fireworks are illegal why were they so bounteous over the holiday weekend? The law was in place telling us that fireworks that fly into the air are illegal but for those setting them off, it wasn’t about the law, it was about doing what they wanted to do.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Is Firework Use A Sign Of What Gun Control Would Look Like

I had a coworker comment that the fireworks law and the obedience to it are great examples of how gun control would go over in Idaho. We love our guns, so we’ll get them and use them if we want. I don’t hunt and have never had to use a gun to defend myself, but I have guns in my house that I really enjoy shooting. If each of those mortars last night were an illegal gun in Twin Falls, how could the government possibly keep track of or confiscate all of them?

I understand that you may not think that shooting off a firework is on the same level as illegally owning a gun. The point here is that even if you make guns illegal, people will find a way to get them if they want to. You could make the same argument for other illegal items like weed or abortions.

DISCLAIMER: This is an opinion piece designed to strike a conversation, not to condone or perpetuate illegal activities.

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