Wedding season is just a few months away in Idaho. Food is one of the biggest aspects of a ceremony, and many brides and grooms begin researching restaurants before considering alternative catering methods.

May and June are two of the most popular months for weddings in the United States, according to This means many soon-to-be husbands and wives are already well into planning for the 2023 season. Aside from the venue, food is probably the next big stressor for couples planning their big day.

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I'll be attending a Magic Valley wedding this spring. It'll be the first ceremony in nearly 20 years I'll be dressing up for. I use to deejay weddings back in the day, so I'm very familiar with the behind-the-scenes frustrations that go hand and hand with these events.

It's very true when married people talk about the focus of weddings not being so much about the bride and groom, but instead the guests. Food, alcohol, decorations, venue rental, flowers, cake, and tuxedo and gown rentals add up to a lot of money. One way to cut down on the cost of food and give guests the option to choose their own entree is by reserving an Idaho food truck to cater the wedding.

Many food truck owners will charge up to 70 percent less per head compared to restaurants to handle the catering, according to The setup would also be considerably easier when working with a food truck staff because guests can serve themselves buffet style and go grab a seat of their choosing. The uniqueness of this style of food service might also delight guests.

Whether it's tacos, pasta, barbeque, or fish, there are food trucks throughout the Gem State that cater larger events. To get more information about food truck catering in southern Idaho, click here.

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