A popular United States fast food chain is offering couples across the country the opportunity to get hitched with a southern fried, original recipe kind of twist.

If you, or someone you know, is getting married prior to May of 2020 and don't mind providing your guests with a spread of fried chicken, cole slaw and biscuits, then does America's favorite fast food, fried chicken joint, have an offer for you.

Let me first say, no, you wouldn't have to dress like chickens while walking down the aisle. Kentucky Fried Chicken is putting on a contest, and the winners will get a fully-catered meal for up to 200 people, decorations and a photo booth, for any wedding taking place in the next seven months.

Costs of entertainment and facility rental are not included in this promotion. KFC has asked any interested couples to apply for one of its themed weddings on its official website. Information on exactly what is included food wise isn't listed in detail. It's also not clear whether or not the ceremony will include a giant, multi-tiered wedding cake with Colonel Sanders' mug across the top of it.

I personally think it would be worth it just for the chance to witness 200 people licking their fingers every two minutes during the dinner portion of the ceremony. KFC also produced a brief wedding video to go along with the contest. For many couples on a tight budget, having the meal and decorations alone paid for is pretty huge, that is, as long as you don't mind one of KFC's signature red and white buckets showing up in the majority of your wedding photos.


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