There are good people still in this world despite all the bad stories and examples we constantly see. I think as a parent, and most parents, we want to see our kids do good things. I love it when I hear that my children have been kind, helped out, or were just a good example when I'm not around to force them to be that way. It is nice to have these little rays of sunshine when so much darkness is around us. A group of kids in Idaho recently made the birthday party of an autistic boy a whole lot brighter by showing up when nobody else would.

The boys from the Nampa High School football team heard about a young autistic boy who had invited his friends and classmates to the birthday party but only got one RSVP. Along with their coach, they decided to show up to the party and help make it a birthday to remember. According to the story on CNN and in Facebook posts from the boys mom, the football players showing up made them feel blessed and the party will be among the boys best birthdays ever.

These stories are great at reminding us to be kind in any way and any time you can.

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