Today would have been Jim Morrison's 74th birthday. To say I am a Doors fan would be a huge understatement. Anyone who enters my bedroom has no choice but to gander at the 5x5 foot tapestry of the "Lizard King" hanging on the wall. Alarming...maybe.

On a recent trip to Paris my wife took with her mom and sister, she was able to visit Pere Lachaise Cemetary, which not only is Jim Morrison's final resting place, but houses the remains of Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Chopin and many other famous dead people. It was the ONLY thing that made me wish I had gone to Paris with them.

The thing that I admired about Jim Morrison was his versatility as a vocalist. Those who are familiar with the band's early work, compared to 1969's "Soft Parade," album, know what I'm talking about. He was also unique in that he could deliver a soft, mellifluous vocal in songs like "Indian Summer," or completely go ape-you-know-what in songs such as Roadhouse Blues.

After doing extensive research, there isn't really anything I found that ties Jim Morrison to the Magic Valley--I don't believe the band ever played a show here, or jumped from the Perrine Bridge--but as the host of a classic rock show, I found it necessary to send a birthday shoutout in his honor.

Cheers Lizard King!



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