My son, Eli, is 6-years-old today. He's an amazing little boy, but he also scares me. More on that part shortly.

Eli is your typical little boy. He loves Hot Wheels, Batman and Nintendo games. He's also anything but typical. And, this is where he scares me.

Most little boys go through a period where they think girls are yucky. My son has never felt this way. In fact, when I ask him if he has a girlfriend, he tells me "not yet". I made the mistake of asking more questions. I asked him what he's looking for in a girlfriend. He told me "shirt color". I can't argue with that logic.

The good news is he's a sweet little boy who is polite and loves his family. Have a great birthday, Eli. Oh, and if your daughter likes to wear red or green shirts, be very afraid.

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