There are a lot of little green men in the skies over Idaho.  CBS 2 in Boise tallied the number of UFO sightings for 2019 and there are nearly 100.  Mind you, I’ve never seen any and I’m driving during some off hours and in darkness, although.  I don’t smoke reefer.  Sometimes I believe what people may be seeing could be enhanced by additional substances (you weed smokers are welcome!)

Do you ever wonder why there hasn’t been more direct contact?  I mean, maybe we aren’t very interesting.  We complain about taxes and liberals and Californians and cheer for a football team that plays on a field with a color barely in the spectrum.

I equate it to boating.  I like skimming across the water.  I’m often not concerned with what’s below.

The space creatures could be zooming overhead and paying very little attention to what’s going on below.

We do live in a region where the nighttime sky is visible.  Cities have a lot of light pollution but with cellphone cameras even urbanites are recording more objects.  If visitors were landing and exploring, I still would wager it’s happening here, in the high desert.  Putting down for a few hours in Owyhee County wouldn’t get noticed quite like a landing on the Vegas Strip, however.  Judging by what I hear from Las Vegas, aliens could well blend into the bevy of tourists staggering along the streets at all hours of the day and night.

You can read the KBOI story by clicking here.

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