I'll say it as plainly as I can say it. The Idaho Hillbilly is one of my favorite things on the Internet. In his newest video, he shows you the right way to get ready for winter.

If you're new to the Idaho Hillbilly, his family lives off-the-grid - sort of. He and his family live in the mountains, but also manage a booming Ebay auction site and a very popular YouTube channel. Is it possible to be "off-the-grid" while having over 9,800 YouTube subscribers? I have to ask.

There are so many good parts to this new video, I don't know where to start. It begins with a very peaceful view of a mountain Idaho stream. About 30 seconds later, it's the Idaho Hillbilly chopping wood talking about preparations he's making before the snow flies.

Then, he begins playing Frisbee with the dog. Yes, that's why I love this channel.

This guy is full of wisdom. He wonders out loud why Sundays used to be their best days on Ebay and now it's Monday. Ah, the mysteries of life.

But, the biggest part of the video involves how to properly prepare for winter including a bunch of cabin repairs that he and his wife are doing. It's all good stuff.

There is no YouTube channel I can heartily recommend more than this one. If you've ever given thought to simplifying your life and heading up into the mountains, this will entertain (and maybe educate) you. Subscribe to the Idaho Hillbilly on YouTube and make yourself happy.

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