There is something that is being referred to as the 'definitive and final ranking of all the 50 states'. It is both funny and infuriating. Oh, and Idaho isn't ranked very high either.

They described us as "The gun America is menacingly pointing at Canada"

This one comes from our friends at Thrillist. I'm using that "friends" word really loosely here. They have ranked all the states based on "everything". To clarify, that's Thrillist version of "everything" and not ours.

Before I get to the actual ranking, I wanna give Thrillist some credit for making me laugh big-time with one phrase they used for Idaho. They described us as "The gun America is menacingly pointing at Canada". I laughed so hard I nearly spit water over our entire office, so well done.

This list is so screwed up, I don't even know where to start. First, Florida is #50. Sounds about right. But, you put Utah at #46? Does the person who wrote this actually go outside and look at stuff? Obviously, no or there's no way they put the stellar sights of Utah that low.

Idaho isn't much better landing at #37 on the Thrillist list. Whatever. At least they pointed out how unfair it is that we're ridiculed for growing potatoes even though the rest of the country loves them.

My problem isn't where Idaho lands on this list. The issue I have are the states that are ranked higher than us. Alabama at #29? Do you know what happens if the police pull you over there and find out you aren't "a Tide fan". You don't want to know. Iowa at #25? Have you seen Children of the Corn?

But, this list proves how completely bogus it is by its #1. Michigan. I challenge the creator of this list to go drink the water in Flint for a couple weeks and then get back to us - if you can.

This list is more funny than irritating. If you want to kill a few minutes, you can check out the full Thrillist logic.

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