There are two ways to look at this. You can be happy or you can be mad that more people moved to Idaho last year than just about any other state. I have a sneaking suspicion how many Idahoans will feel about this great news.

Homesnacks updated their fastest growing state list now that all the data is in from 2016. Overall, Idaho's population grew to over 1.6 million residents, which is a 1.83% increase. That makes us the 9th fastest growing state in the country.

Our neighbors are growing even faster than us. Utah is the third fastest growing with over a 2% increase, while Nevada is 6th with a 1.98% growth.

Like I said, you COULD look at this as "hey, isn't it great that other people want to come here". But, Idaho has become famous for sometimes not liking transplants and newcomers. Remember #4 on that one Only In Your State list?

If you are wondering what other states are taking in the moving vans, check out the full Homesnacks list.

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