It's not exactly shocking news that the state of Idaho wants you to eat a lot of potatoes. Spuds are kind of our thing. But, you may not be aware that Idaho officially wants you to now make your donuts out of potatoes, or else.

Here's the excited proclamation on the Idaho Potato Videos YouTube channel:

Learn how to make these delicious donuts! Made with dehydrated Idaho potatoes!

Am I a bad person that I think that Chef Emily looks like she should be Brendan Fraser's mom in the movie "Blast From The Past"?

Side note: instant mashed potatoes can actually heal open wounds I hear. Or, maybe they just make food more moist. It's a win either way.

Back to the potato donuts recipe, Chef Emily throws enough butter, salt and sugar into the mixture to severely injure a horse. Once the concoction is made, she introduces hot boiling oil into the process.

When all is said and done, you have donuts that taste like they came directly from Heaven. Or, maybe Chubbock.

I don't have any doubt that these donuts are awesome, but who has the time to go through all of these steps for donuts when businesses make the regular kind and put them in boxes for you?


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