We have had a ton of business development over the last few years in Twin Falls with the theater in the Magic Valley Mall, the Canyon Park West shopping center, Olive Garden is finally open, everything over by Walmart and across the street by Walgreens. There are new businesses and restaurants all around town.

But it hasn't been all rainbows and successful openings. Chipotle was highly anticipated but lasted only a few weeks, we've lost both our drive-in movie theaters, Old Navy is gone, and the little building in downtown Twin Falls has been at least 6 different businesses since I moved here (now it is going to be a BBQ joint). We also learned yesterday that Shopko is closing in Twin Falls.

With all that change of businesses failing and others succeeding - one of my favorite restaurants hasn't tried in Twin yet and I think they should. Wienerschnitzel needs to come to Twin Falls! 'The W' is America's most wanted wiener and is famous for covering their food in delicious chili! When I did radio nights in Las Vegas I would hit up the Wienerschnitzel at least once a week because they always had a 5 for $5 deal with chili dogs or chili fries.

Opening one in Twin Falls doesn't seem impossible either (or ridiculously expensive). I checked their site and they have Idaho listed as a state that is open for expansion and they have a deal for investors in 2019 where the franchising fee is only $5,000 instead of $32,000. I'm poor and that seems like a good deal to me. Obviously, there are other investments needed to start a business - but if you are looking to start something PLEASE MAKE IT WIENERSCHNITZEL.

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