An Idaho woman has been using her quarantine time to weigh in on everything from the recent 6.5 earthquake, to advice on social media etiquette in times of a pandemic, and even gave her two-cents on the most popular Netflix show in the country.

Having recently sat through the entire season of "Tiger King" on Netflix, I'm finding that anytime something isn't going right lately in our household, that bit@$ Carol Baskin has been taking the brunt of the blame. What a hillbilly train wreck this show is, but it also happens to be the number one streaming show on Netflix at the moment.

The show follows the lives of those who raise tigers at zoos across the country. The show's main star, a man who goes by the name, Joe Exotic," is currently in the process of serving a 22 year prison sentence for his involvement in a murder-for-hire plot against the owner of a competing wildlife park. Yes, I'm referring to that bi%$# Carol Baskin. I personally don't have anything against Carol; that nickname was given to the world by Joe.

Joe was also an aspiring musician and local politician in his town of Wynnewood, Oklahoma, where he operated the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park for years.

A Boise-area YouTuber who posts to the channel of Cousin Gladys, recently shared some pretty funny content, discussing everything from COVID-19, to the highly-popular streaming show. She calls the show, "a gem," and even raised the question to her viewers as to which cast member they'd rather date.

Gladys also weighs in on Tuesday's 6.5 earthquake that hit near Challis, in her own unique way.

Enjoy. We could all use a laugh right now.

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