What is wrong with us? Let me be more specific since that would be a really long answer. Why don't Idahoans take a vacation when they can? According to a brand new ranking, we are the worst state when it comes to not escaping work.

we think taking a vacation would reveal that we are replaceable

The website is called Project Time Off. According to them, Idaho is #1 for not taking a vacation. The reasons why are both funny and a bit terrifying. Here goes: a large majority of us feel like we need to show how dedicated we are at work. Plus, we feel the companies we work for don't promote time off as a good thing (*shocked!*). Oh, and we think taking a vacation would reveal that we are replaceable. (I thought my boss was joking about that)

This study inspired me to look something up (while at work, no less). The website Inc lists 4 reasons why vacations improve your health. No offense to them, but even a dumb person like me knows that vacations reduce stress and allow you more sleep. Duh. I will admit the improved productivity thing was surprising though. Improved productivity is something I have never explored.

Show your boss the full Project Time Off article and see if your job is listed as available in the paper the next day. If not, maybe it's vacation time! I hear Wally World is nice this time of year. (*humming the song "Holiday Road" to myself now*)

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