There is perhaps no bigger national issue going on presently regarding education in the United States than how to handle campus bathroom interactions among students who identify as transgender and those who do not. Idaho students may soon get the green light to pursue legal action against educational institutions for allowing transgender students to use school bathrooms that have door signs not identifying with their birth gender.

Governor Brad Little's passing of a bill last week that denies transgenders the right to use locker rooms and bathrooms that don't identify with their birth sex could soon result in a reoccurring disruption of education between schools and students. The details of the recent actions of Little were shared by, and could soon spark wars between parents of pupils and campus administrators across the Gem State.

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Idaho has joined the likes of Florida, Iowa, and Arkansas by recently enacting legislation to prevent transgender students from entering bathroom facilities of their self-chosen, altered gender preference. Cisgender students who cross paths with transgenders while in the restroom may soon make a habit of suing schools for what amounts to emotional distress.

While I do believe some students may become traumatized by sharing bathrooms with individuals who appear to resemble the opposite sex, I'm not sure that allowing each of them to seek compensation that could result in a payout of thousands of dollars by the school is the right path to take. It makes more sense to just keep constructing restrooms that are transgender-accommodating as many states have already done.

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