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Did you know there is a portion of Yellowstone National Park that exists in Idaho where a person could seemingly commit any crime they wanted to, and receive no criminal repercussions of any kind?

The area of Idaho is approximately 50 square miles, and runs vertical, along the southwestern most portion of Yellowstone Park boundaries. Ashton and Island Park are two of the closest cities to what has become known as Idaho's "Death Zone."

A Michigan State professor named Brian Kalt first brought the matter to national attention in an article he wrote in 2005 called, "The Perfect Crime." Apparently, since this portion of Idaho has a zero population, but is controlled by the state Wyoming, if a crime were to be committed there, a jury would have to consist of individuals from both states, according to the Sixth Amendment. Since no one resides in this portion of Idaho, the case could realistically be thrown out.

Jens Ulrich Koch, Getty Images

So yes, according to the amendment, this portion of the Gem State could be considered a free-for-all for would-be criminals.

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