The longest session in Idaho State Legislative history has closed.  Maybe!  The House called a recess Wednesday before going home.  It means its members can return without a call from the Governor.  The Senate adjourned but because of the action in the other chamber, the Senate would return in a matter of days if the House returns.  The gamesmanship is impressive.   

She played a key role in blocking Critical Race Theory on campuses and in public schools.

State Representative Dorothy Moon of Challis has a district that is geographically massive.  It stretches from the Montana state line in the east to Oregon in the west.  She shares the 8th district with one Senator and a House counterpart.  For Idaho newcomers, there are 35 legislative districts.  Each has two members of the House and one in the Senate for a total of 105 people.

Moon joined us on Magic Valley This Morning, less than two full days after leaving Boise for the recess.  She’s a former schoolteacher and serves on the House Education Committee.  She played a key role in blocking Critical Race Theory on campuses and in public schools.  Legislation aimed at ending Marxist indoctrination sailed through both sides of the Capitol and then was signed by the Governor.

Otherwise, a lot of proposals were a bit more contentious.  She outlined some of the strife between the House and Senate and the House and Governor Brad Little.

The Governor is resting atop a large pile of fiat currency from Washington.  Most legislators want a say in how it’s going to be spent.  They would return to the Capitol to have a voice in how relief funds are used.

You can hear our conversation below at YouTube.

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