Here's a weird fact that I'm not even sure how to explain. A new survey has revealed Idaho's favorite YouTube channel. I'll warn you now that it might have you questioning whether or not we should go on.

AT&T is the company you can blame credit for this. They decided it was a good idea for us to know what Idaho's favorite YouTube channel is. I disagree with them. This was a bad idea. I'm now officially sorry that I know.

What is the YouTube channel Idaho can't get enough of? (*drum roll please*) It's Machinima. That's right, Machinima. What is that channel you ask? It's video games. Very weird videos about video games. I submit to you this. It's a video about Poop in my Soup. You read that right.

Wow, that isn't weird at all. Oh, wait. Yes, it is. It really is.

We're Idaho, so weird is normal for us. But, by our already twisted standards, this is really too much information.

Perhaps it is time to head to the bunker now.

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