If you're new to the area and/or not paying attention, you may not know that Twin Falls was featured quite prominently in a Playstation 3 game several years ago. The game is called Resistance 2 and there's brand new hi-def footage of the Twin Falls level of the game.

I will warn you there are some saucy words in the video. So, if the "S" word offends you, don't hit that "PLAY" button. 

If you check the Resistance 2 Wikipedia page, you can get caught up on the story. Here's a snippet:

Resistance 2 sees protagonist Nathan Hale travel to the United States in order to once again battle the Chimera, who have launched a full-scale invasion of both the east and west coasts.

How does Twin Falls end up in the story? Here's more:

Stealing an enemy transport, Hale boards the ship and steals intel while Echo Squad sets explosives to destroy it. Using the intel, they learn that the Chimera are planning to attack the SRPA's Liberty Defense Perimeter in Twin Falls, Idaho.

The story is set against a 1950's-like backdrop, which is why you don't see all the payday loan buildings on Blue Lakes - yet.

Another thing to note: you can bump into and move furniture in Resistance 2. That means if you play this game, you are even more qualified to be a furniture mover in Twin Falls. It's like a fast-action Craigslist with you versus all the terrifying couches being offered for free.

Be warned that the aliens are very creepy in the Twin Falls level of Resistance 2. They're skinny and hairless zombies, kinda like that one friend we all have that lives in Nevada.

Resistance 2 can be had for cheap if you can find it in a pawn shop and have a Playstation 3 laying around. Some good shooting fun of what life in Twin Falls was probably like back in 1953.

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