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I like chicken.  When I go out to eat I usually have a burger but at home my preference is chicken or fish.  I’ve been cooking chicken for years in the oven and am often disappointed by the outcome.  So I’ve tried different efforts in the crock-pot and seem to get moist chicken but bereft of any real flavor.  So, often I just break down and buy a roaster on the way home.

Dutch ovens are amazing contraptions and yet so simple in design.

Then I came across this link.  I’ve used olive oil.  It’s a good sealant when it comes to keeping moisture in most foods.  The other seasonings are great ideas and I’ll need to consider using them as a rub.

What I really lack is a Dutch oven.  It’s on my list.  Along with the need for an air fryer (it’s tough to find one not made in China).

A few weeks ago I read reviews of Dutch ovens.  Not all are created equal and some are better for one dish but not for another.  In some cases you can find one at a reasonable price but serious cooks spend some serious cash when buying.  Because you’ll get a lot of use.  Dutch ovens are amazing contraptions and yet so simple in design.  You can put one in an oven.  Or use it atop the stove.  Or if you have a fireplace, you can hang the oven over a fire (this works as well at campsites).

I should think you could make a great stew and sauces as well and possibly with even better results than I currently get from the crock-pot.

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