If you work in an industry that requires the storage of large amounts of liquids, there are two Twin Falls County men that are giving away thousands of gallons worth of free storage containers.

There appears to be close to two dozen, 275-gallon tote containers, being offered free of charge to anyone that can transport the totes out of the Filer location. The information was shared in a July 24 post on the Craigslist/Twin Falls free section. Anyone who works in industries such as farming, petroleum, irrigation, or another type of business where the storage of liquids is necessary, might find this offer very appealing, as some these totes retail at well over $150 each.

Twin Falls Production

Two contact cell phone numbers are included along with the post. Specific instructions are given as to when to inquire about the pick up of these totes as well. It is not recommended that drinking water be stored in these totes.



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