I knew I was addicted to my morning cup of Joe, but those twenty minutes or so without the Internet felt like the worst three hours of my life.  Now this is sad.

I'm still recovering from my lack of caffeine this morning and I'll apologize now for anything I say or do today.  Seriously, my head is throbbing  I cannot concentrate and I'm feeling a tad down on myself.  Then I came across this:

Withdrawal symptoms are always opposite from the effects of the drug in question, so, for caffeine, you’ll feel sluggish, your concentration will suffer, and you may feel mildly depressed.

It's true!  And once I got in to work today I downed two cups of coffee and I'm nursing one now.  The damage is done.  I'm in the twilight zone at my desk right now...and a tad paranoid.

As for the lack of internet, that was bad.  I didn't know what to do?

Honestly, 90% of my job relies on using the Internet.  Just 10% of what I do now is non-Internet based.  That's crazy.  So when the Internet did go down, I wasn't sure what to do.  I'll admit, I tweaked a bit too.

What about you?

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