I came across The Kajun Pot's Facebook page earlier today and had to see what they were all about. They are a Cajun food truck that will apparently deliver if you are close enough in Wendell. I have to know how it is.

Have you ever tried The Kajun Pot's food? After some Facebook stalking I have determined this is a must stop place the next time I am anywhere near the area. After doing some Facebook stalking I am not sure how I had never heard of this place before and I am sad I am just now figuring out.

They are located at 280 South Idaho St. in Wendell. You can give them a call at 262-455-8550 and they offer catering options. They won the Magic Valley Arts Food Truck Battle over the summer. That makes me even more sad I didn't get a chance to make it to that event.

It looks like they have Gumbo, and with a name like Kajun Pot that is to be expected, and things like burgers, a shrimp burger, soups and pork tenderloin sandwiches. You have to check out their Facebook page if you want their full menu. There is too much stuff on there to list right here.

The food looks and sounds delicious. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and closed on major holidays. I think we might have a chance to give them a try if they get in to the Twin Falls County Fair as a vendor. Have you tried this place already and is it as good as it looks?


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