One month from today I'll be falling down the aisle to say I do.  Falling because high heals and I are NOT friends.  Other then being a bit stressed, I'm wondering how you felt one month before you said "I do"?  Is there anything you wished you'd known before?  If so, help me out!

I'm serious!  Should I start drinking now?  Should I still do it?

Kidding.  I really suck at planning a wedding, but the one thing I do know is that the dude I will marry in one month, is a keeper.  Sorry stalkers. :-)

So I've got that covered and as for everything else, well I really don't think it's too important compared to that.  So I'm not worrying about it.  And that's what worries me.  It may just creep up on me and bite me in the butt.

So if you know something I don't, help me out.  Share your wedding stories in the comments below or call 208-737-60-70 or Snakebook me!

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