I may be wrong. This would not be new, since I've been wrong about many things. But, it appears that Ted Nugent will be hosting a hunt for black bears in Idaho in 2018.

I found this on the official Ted Nugent website, so you'd think that'd be pretty solid as far as information you can trust goes. It says that you arrive in Idaho on May 27, 2018, then you hunt from May 28 through June 1. Here's the Nugent itinerary:

  • Meals and Accommodations
  • Huge property with many active bait sites
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Guides
  • 5 day hunt

The cost of this hunt is $2950, not including your license. According to Ted's website, this is the guy to talk to if you're interested.

  • Paul Wilson at paul@tednugent.com or 800-343-4868

There is no word if Ted will be a part of this hunt or if he's just sponsoring it or whatever.

I have never hunted bears before. My only desire is to not have a bear hunt me. But, if this is your thing and you love Nugent, maybe this is for you. No doubt that if Ted is involved, it would be one Gonzo hunt.

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