Little Feat has announced their new album Sam’s Place, their first studio LP in 12 years.

Sam’s Place marks the first blues album of the band's career, as Little Feat tackles material made famous by such legendary blusemen as Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf.

The album is also notable as the first Little Feat release to feature longtime member Sam Clayton singing lead vocals on every track. Clayton, who joined Little Feat in 1972 and has primarily served as the percussionist and backing singer, takes center stage on the new LP.

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Bonnie Raitt is among the guest stars on Sam’s Place, with the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer dueting with Clayton on the Waters tune “Long Distance Call.” “We go good together, man,” Clayton noted via press release of his collaboration with Raitt.

The full track listing for Sam’s Place can be found below. The album is available for pre-order now and arrives May 17.

In anticipation of the new LP, Little Feat has shared the first single, “You’ll Be Mine.” The tune, written by Dixon but made famous by Wolf, was originally released in 1962.

Watch Little Feat's Lyric Video for 'You'll Be Mine' 

The lone original song on Sam’s Place is titled “Milkman.” Clayton penned the tune, inspired by his nephew, while the singer’s wife, Joni, provided the lyrics.

The creation of Sam’s Place was especially fulfilling for Clayton, who has dreamed of recording a blues album for years. “I'm very happy because I was never expecting anything like that,” he admitted. “I mean, I have wanted to, but I just wasn't expecting it to come to fruition. It was a long wait, but it’s satisfying.”

In support of Sam's Place, Little Feat will be hitting the road for an extensive tour beginning May 31 in Berkeley, California.

Little Feat, ‘Sam’s Place’ track listing:
1. “Milkman”
2. “You’ll Be Mine”
3. “Long Distance Call”
4. “Don’t Go No Further”
5. “I Can’t Be Satisfied”
6. “Last Night”
7. “Why People Like That”
8. “Mellow Down Easy”
9. “Got My Mojo Working” (Live)

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