For those in the Magic Valley that love their fast-food but could go without the human interaction part, you might be surprised to learn that southern Idaho's most abundant chain has been experimenting with fully automated restaurants. This could mean that at least one of the region's McDonald's locations could be operated solely by computers and robots in the very near future.

We've all had trips to our favorite fast-food spots in southern Idaho that resulted in some sort of unpleasant verbal interaction because a human being screwed up our order or simply gave horrible customer service. There's one drive-thru (not McDonald's) in Twin Falls that I completely boycotted because the staff just couldn't get their crap together.

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I have had a great professional relationship with the management and owners of select southern Idaho McDonald's for years now. I've had the privilege of working with them since 2017 on the company's McCash For Kids school fundraising event. The Blue Lakes location is just down the street from our house, and we are frequent visitors there.

McDonald's opened a fully-automated location in Texas in 2022 and have been monitoring its customer service success and failures. Timely service and accurate orders are the two main goals of piloting these restaurants without the presence of human beings.

I'm not sure I'm wild about this idea. Strangely, I still trust humans more than robots. I'm also trying to figure out how a customer would get an order corrected by a computer instead of a person. How does that work?

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