Some people begin in middle school, some do it sporadically in their teens, and some wait until college. When to begin working depends entirely upon the individual. When to retire has just as many factors to consider. But once all the decisions are made, how does one decide where to go when ready to be done with substantial employment and enjoy the fruits of labor that have been piling up for years?

With decisions of jumping directly into the workforce, going to trade school, or attending college out of the way, considering when and where to retire seems like it should be easier. But there are as many if not more things to consider when retirement is imminent.

Considerations People Face When They Think About Retirement

When to retire falls to decisions about age, debt status, dependants, savings, and even if a spouse agrees with when to retire. Many people desire to retire at 62, but some workers want to work into their 70s. The lucky people who have made a retirement plan have better chances of retiring on the younger side. People with debt or who need more savings may never retire.

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For people fortunate enough to be able to retire, the question becomes where to go when they are ready. Proximity to family can be a thought. The type of weather is another. There is a cost of living, medical care, and recreational opportunities to contemplate.

Which Are the Best States to Retire?

Source: WalletHub

After WalletHub put together the information, Idaho sits in a comfortable status of 6th best state in which to retire. Idaho’s property crime rate is low. Good to know your home will be a safe place compared to other states. There is a good health care facility availablility per capita though that may mean people shouldn’t live out in our open spaces. If you want to work after retirement, we have a labor market that is friendly to a more seasoned employee job seeker.

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Idaho has even climbed up the ladder as compared to last year. Moving from 9th to 6th is a step in the right direction.

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