There are certain expectations when someone goes out to eat. Being dressed a certain way is important, as well as the way you behave, and of course making sure you have enough to cover the bill, and tip the waiter or waitress. There are certain places where it is expected that someone tips. Anytime you go to a sit-down restaurant for example, or if you have a waiter or waitress bring your food to a quick dining place or car hop place. In today's society, many in the food industry expect to get a tip no matter what, but it doesn't work that way, as a tip is extra and needs to be earned. When is the right time in Idaho to skip out on tipping, and when are the right times to under-tip or over-tip?

When to Not Tip in Idaho

Credit: Dan Smedley on Unsplash
Credit: Dan Smedley on Unsplash

Sadly, many today in the food industry expect to get a tip, no matter how much effort they put into their service. It isn't too much to ask for good customer service, and if a waiter or waitress isn't putting in the effort, their tip should resemble that. There is a difference between not tipping, and giving a low tip. If a waiter or waitress is doing their job, but has a bad attitude, then a small tip would be sufficient, but if they never bring you drinks, are late getting you your food, have a bad attitude, and seem like your table doesn't matter, then skipping out on a tip is a possibility. Customers need to factor in what is and is not in the control of the waiter or waitress. If a restaurant is busy, short-staffed, and the server is taking a while to get to your table, that is not their fault, and their tip should not suffer. If a restaurant is nearly empty, and you see them chatting with coworkers or another table and ignoring yours, then their tip suffers or doesn't come at all. 

When to Tip More in Idaho

Credit: Photobuff
Credit: Photobuff

As mentioned above, the customer needs to take into account what is going on in the restaurant. If a place is crowded and you see the server constantly on the move, going from table to table, putting in plenty of effort, with a good attitude, and doing their best, then they deserve to be tipped more, than the server spotted on their phone, chatting with coworkers, and in no rush to get tables their food. Tips must be earned. The customers sitting in the restaurant work hard for their money as well, and shouldn't be expected to give a nice tip because they decided to eat at the restaurant, especially if the service isn't up to par. Waiting for a while to get food is a common reason customers tip less, but is that the server's fault? If the food is good, then it might be worth a longer wait, but if it comes out cold and bland, then something went wrong, and perhaps the server forgot the food when it was ready. 

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Recently my wife and I were tasked with making a tough decision to tip or not. We were told the wait for our drinks and food would be 10 to 15 minutes, but it ended up being over 45 minutes. We debated on not leaving a tip, but because the place was short-staffed, we didn't think the server should be punished. We gave a lower tip than normal, but still made sure she was compensated for her hard work, despite the conditions. The next time you go out and eat, if you have bad service, take a look around and see if it is the server's doing, or something beyond their control before deciding to tip or not tip.

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