Twin Falls City Reminds Property Owners of Snow Removal Responsibility

As a friendly reminder to residents, the City of Twin Falls is reinforcing a long-standing ordinance: clearing sidewalks during snowy weather. This practice has been etched in the Twin Falls City Code since 1958 and underscores the importance of community cooperation during winter months.

With that in mind, the question begs, can The City charge residents and businesses who don't take care of snow removal on their property?

Residents' Responsibility Under City Code

City Code 7.5.1 explicitly states, "Every owner, tenant or occupant of the premises abutting or adjoining any sidewalk or alley in the City shall be required to remove all snow, ice, and rubbish from any such sidewalks and all rubbish from such alleys." This regulation places the onus squarely on property owners, both residential and commercial, to ensure that sidewalks remain safe and accessible to pedestrians.

Credit: Tutye
Credit: Tutye

Will The City Charge You If You Don’t Shovel? 

The City of Twin Falls can fine or charge for snow removal to ensure compliance with the ordinance. If sidewalks become obstructed due to negligence, the City has the authority to clear them and bill the property owner for the cost. However, the City's approach prioritizes teamwork over enforcement. And it’s doubtful you’ll be charged for snow removal in extenuating circumstances. 

Mayor Ruth Pierce emphasized the importance of community spirit: "This is about being a good neighbor. We have always had this expectation that home and business owners will keep their sidewalks clear. However, we hear from residents who say they're upset that many sidewalks are never cleared until the snow melts." 

The City acknowledges that some residents may face physical and financial constraints when it comes to snow removal.

Rember Not to Shovel Snow Into Roadways

Property owners are encouraged to follow best practices when clearing snow from sidewalks. Snow should be moved to adjacent property rather than deposited in the streets and storm drains. Failing to adhere to this guideline can lead to isolated flooding.

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If you have more questions about snow removal in Twin Falls, you can find more information on the City of Twin Falls website. 

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