The term useful idiots applies to Idaho’s tree-huggers.  A writer at RealClear Wire named James Varney (Know what I mean, Vern!) explains the green movement is simply a wealth transfer from working Americans to the wealthy and politically connected.  There was a time when American liberals hated wealthy elites.  Now they hate their fellow blue-collar countrymen.

It shows you how gullible the whackos on the left really are.  They buy into the con game.  They’re told the new green economy will save the planet.  Then they stand back as tax money is collected and handed to members of the political donor class, who’ll likely never produce what they promise.

In ten years, we’ll still be in the midst of a petroleum-based economy.  The difference will be that most Americans will be poorer while the rich will be buying islands in the South Pacific.

I don’t expect Democrats to ever figure this out.  The weed they puff on has broken their

synapses.  Their elevators don’t go to the top floor.  They never did.

Meanwhile, U.S. Senator Mike Crapo from Idaho sometimes gets a bad rap.  He’s viewed as not sufficiently conservative by some Republican voters.  As he’s told me in the past, some people never forgive you for a vote you possibly made 20 years ago.  He’s spot on in his fight against Joe Biden’s plans to force you into an expensive electric vehicle.  You can read more by clicking this link.

If you can’t afford an EV, which is quite possible, then you’ll be S.O.L.  But Biden’s cronies will profit from you subsidizing their con game.

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