Jerome, Idaho is likely one of the most patriotic places in America.  There will be 9-11 remembrances across the state and the United States this weekend.  Jerome will commemorate one of the darkest days in American history at 11:00 o’clock in the morning on Saturday.  It’s also a celebration of heroism.  There were thousands of heroic acts that Tuesday in 2001.  Many will never be known to history but only to God.  Student athletes from the high school in Jerome will plant thousands of flags to honor the dead.  Kids who weren’t even born the day of the attack.

The first responders didn’t ask if anyone was a Democrat or a Republican.  Instead, the simply sought to preserve life.

All of this takes place near Crossroads Point.  Traveling from Twin Falls, you’ll see it on the left just past the Valley Country Store.

One of the most tremendous sights is the raising of a massive American flag.  It measures 60 feet by 30 feet.  It takes a team of volunteers to keep it off the ground and to slowly raise it above the sage.

We live during a time when we’re told Americans are more polarized than at any time since the Civil War, however.  On 9-11, Americans appear generally united.  Because 9-11 didn’t ask political affiliation.

People from all walks of life died.  From a range of ethnic heritages, economic classes and religions.

The first responders didn’t ask if anyone was a Democrat or a Republican.  Instead, the simply sought to preserve life.

On the south side of the Perrine Bridge, there will be an early morning service near City Hall Commons in Twin Falls.  There’s a larger event planned for Saturday evening at the Visitor’s Center.  If you can’t attend all three, please consider choosing one.  And bring the kids.

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