A recent video posting to YouTube is a reminder that the time 4:20 (AM or PM) is still celebrated by stoners everywhere, including right here in the Gem State.

In a non-discreet, 90-second video diary posted to YouTube on July 16, 2019, a guy calling himself Urban Curbin, blazes a pretty decent sized spliff in honor of 4:20 p.m., the universal time for stoners to fire up. The video was shot in Sandpoint, according to our host.

The thing that I really appreciate about this guy, is not that he incriminated himself by videotaping his illegal smoke out, while at the same time including the actual name of his YouTube channel, but that he ends the feed by reminding us to stay hydrated. This video constitutes a rare law breaking public service announcement.

Whatever your stance is on marijuana in the state of Idaho, I think we can all agree, that this guy sorta rocks. I think a great deal of families have an Urban Curbin somewhere in their ancestral tree.

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