Having just returned from a campout in the Rupert area, I have to say that I am extremely impressed with an area state park that I never hear anyone talk about.

For those that haven't driven the 60 miles east from Twin Falls to Lake Walcott State Park, you are missing out on an experience that just might offer more things to do than most lakes I've come across in the lower portion of the Gem State. We spent two nights over Labor Day weekend at the park, and really enjoyed the wide range of activities available.

For those that don't mind camping in close proximity to others, Lake Walcott State Park is an easy drive from Twin Falls, and offers great kayaking, fishing, boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, disc golf, biking and hiking. There is also so much well maintained lawn space that you could easily pack games from home, such as badminton, bocce ball, cornhole and others, and never intrude on someone else's campsite. There are bathrooms and trash dumpsters throughout the park as well, and dogs are welcomed as long as they are leashed and supervised.

Lake Walcott State Park is located just a few miles from the city of Rupert, so there are stores within close proximity. The park does sell firewood at $5 a bundle, but if you run short on things like water or beer, you only have to drive about 10 minutes to find just about anything you need. Quiet time is from 10 PM to 8 AM, but you can have a fire as late as you want, as long as it's out before you turn in.

We are used to camping "off-the-grid," but I have to say, this is an overnight experience that I will add to my summer trip planner from here on out.

Lake Walcott A Short Drive From Twin Falls

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