Things were different back in 1979. That includes the commercials that were used to help sell Idaho potatoes to the world.

There's a good chance that you've never seen this commercial. From what I can find, it only aired in Japan. Leif Garrett was a teen heartthrob back then - or so I'm told. I was too busy listening to my KISS records to care. It's no surprise that the Idaho Potato Sticks people decided to have him as their frontman for their product.

The song used in the commercial was all the rage in 1979. "I was made for dancin" was Leif Garrett's biggest hit.

Good luck finding any info about Idaho Potato Sticks. They were such an obscure product that even the Internet hasn't taken any time to document them. They are lost in a different era when people didn't mind their spuds in stick form and disco didn't suck - yet.

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