For me, once the holidays come around, I try to keep the hooks in, and avoid confrontation at all cost. That's just me though. It turns out there is a local individual that is just fine with spending his/her holiday season being physically forced into submission.

Scrolling through the "Activity/Partner" section of Craigslist, is not something I make a habit of doing. God forbid the wife happens across that in the search history of my computer. Today, something told me to direct my attention toward the popular website that specializes in classified ads...and peculiarity.

I didn't want to assume the person (apparently in Boise) who posted this was a man, but I'm kind of leaning in that direction. I am now going to quote the individual's post, word for word.

"Looking for a buddy for one on one sparring sessions in wrestling or grappling. Any experience, whether beginner or advanced wrestler/grappler is good. It would also be great to have wrestlers, grapplers, boxers, judo experts my age or older to have sparring sessions with or to learn more about the martial arts. Looking forward to wrestling sessions."

So, from what I can gather, nothing is off the table with this person. He/she is basically looking for a total stranger to fight with. And not just any stranger mind you, one that possesses the kind of skills that qualifies them as a Grade A ass-kicker.

I am someone who is uncomfortable knocking on a stranger's door during Halloween so my kid can score some Dots, so pulling into a person's driveway whom I've never met-- knowing full well that I could potentially be in a figure-four-leg-lock before I hang my jacket up--doesn't have that safety appeal I look for in a hobby.

If you think you have what it takes to be a worthy opponent, then simply click the link, reply, and get ready to "enter the octagon... son!" (from Four Christmases)

I'll sit this one out. Happy grappling!



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