According to the Internet, today is National Poinsettia Day. Until this morning, I had no clue that perhaps the most popular holiday plant is grown, in abundance, right here in the Magic Valley.

Mountain States Plants, in Buhl, has been growing these beautiful plants--considered by many to be a symbol of the Christmas holiday--by the droves for several years. A plant that is not known to thrive in cold weather climates because of its tendency to freeze easily, is growing in the thousands less than 20 miles from Twin Falls.

"We have around twenty-five-thousand six and half inchers, and about twenty-thousand four inchers," said Graylon Brown, an employee of the company. When I asked him what the most challenging thing about growing poinsettias in this region was, his response was quick, and to the point...settia. (that was bad...I know)

"Everything," he said. Apparently rotting from the cold, and difficulties with controlling the plant's height, are two main headaches for growers, according to Brown.

So the next time you see one of these beautiful red and green plants on someone's dining room table, take a moment and think about the men and women at Mountain States Plants. Envision the amount of teeth-grinding, chagrin, that must go into attempting to manage the unmanageable, all so we can have an attractive centerpiece.

Happy Holidays!


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