Bears are hungry on any given day.  They’re especially hungry just after emerging from hibernation.  Grizzlies aren’t connoisseurs.  They’ll eat a wide variety of plants, fruits, and flesh.  You don’t want to encounter an especially voracious bear but it’s what happened to a man hiking in Yellowstone.  He didn’t become dinner.  Wildlife workers say it’s because he kept his wits about him and kept a safe distance.  The bear eventually wandered away.

Move Away Slowly

Keep in mind that an angry grizzly bear can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour.  Former European explorers also remarked that their firearms didn’t do much to deter charges.

You can read more about the encounter by clicking here.

Early next month, Idaho Fish and Game is offering a seminar on grizzly and black bears.  The program is scheduled for Friday night, June 3rd, in Hailey.  I saw a video preview of what you should see if you attend the session.  It shows a bear from here in Idaho foraging outside a home.  This was just a few days ago.  A security camera picked up the curious animal in the dark of night.  The bear approached the door but was turned back by an electric fence.  This is the latest great addition to home security!

You don’t want them in the house.  If startled, they can obviously be deadly but also think of a bull in an antique shop.  A guy in North Idaho who came home a few years ago discovered Goldilocks in reverse.  Bears broke in, raided his refrigerator, and then left piles of scat on his carpet.

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