Idaho is one of the few states on the west coast that does not have some form of marijuana use legalized. Jackpot, Nevada is only about 45 minutes away from Twin Falls and a marijuana dispensary is opening soon there. Again, no form of cannabis is legalized in Idaho.

The dispensary is called THRIVE cannabis. It will provide all sorts of different forms of cannabis from edibles to vape cartridges. THRIVE will also offer concentrates and accessories according to their website.

THRIVE has 5 locations as of right now in Las Vegas with 3 more opening soon including the one located in Jackpot.

Apparently, THRIVE offers delivery and curbside right now at some of it's Las Vegas locations. There is no indication right now if that is going to be an option in Jackpot.

The location for the dispensary will be 1868 Royal Dr, Jackpot, Nevada, 89825. The goal is to serve all of Elko County.

As of right now I do not have an exact opening date but we do know that the goal is for them to be open some time in September. I am sure we will have more information in the coming weeks.

Again, there is absolutely no legalization of marijuana in Idaho. Not for medicinal use and definitely not for recreational use. It is legal in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah for medicinal use, California and states across the country.

For more information you can get details at their website.

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