Midgets With Attitudes; YouTube

A wrestling group of a smaller variety is coming to Jackpot early in April for some good old fashioned top-turnbuckle flying, body-slamming fun.

"Midgets With Attitudes," is the main event in the Ruby Mountain Ballroom at Cactus Pete's Resort & Casino on April 5, 2019. Midget Wrestling Entertainment (MWE) was the first traveling group to tour the U.S. of its kind. The group has been performing for crowds since 2005.

The group has been featured on such nationally televised programs as "Bones," and features six main wrestlers in the ring. The group has performed more than 3,000 live shows and sold more than one million tickets nationally.

Cactus Pete's will host the event at 9 p.m., on April 5. Tickets can be purchased by calling 775-755-2321, or visit the website for more information on the event.

Below is some footage of Midgets With Attitudes performing at various events in the country. This event is one evening only.


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