Did you know there is a 184 mile relay race in Nevada? Wow,184 miles! Before you decide that you can't run 184 miles, you need to do the math.

The Ruby Mountain Relay needs to be completed in 24 hours and you need to bring 11 of your friends. That's reasonable, right? It is if you are an avid runner. Each teammate will need to run 15 miles in 2 hours. Each runner will need to run between 7 and 9 minute miles.

I've never participated in the Ruby Mountain Relay but I have participated in the Sawtooth Relay that stretches from Stanley to Ketchum. It didn't sound like fun at first but I had a blast!

The Ruby Mountain Relay is said to be fun, extremely beautiful, and a run that you won't soon forget. Runners will see a pristine marsh, native wildlife, meadows, valleys, and rolling hills. The night runners will be treated to a beautiful full moon.

All Magic Valley teams will receive $100 off their registration fee when they use the code MAGIC2017. Get full registration details.

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