Hello, Nevada. Now it's time for you to get picked on. Our friends at Roadsnacks have rated you as one of the Top 5 Worst States To Live In. You got beat by West Virginia. Wow.

How did Roadsnacks come to the conclusion that Nevada is the armpit of the West? Having the 2nd highest unemployment rate and the 8th most crime is not considered a good thing.

And, then they said this...

And, if you’ve looked at a map in your lifetime, you’d know that Nevada doesn’t necessarily have a lot do to, outside of Vegas. Unless you hunt rattlesnakes for a living.

Ouch. I've been to a ton of states and have visited Nevada plenty and there's no way it's in my Top 5 Bad States List.  If you live in Nevada or visit there often, do you agree with this put down?

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