A new state by state survey on the nation's most popular breed of dog has the Gem State adoring an animal known for drooping and howling.

I understand Idaho is a big hunting state, and I know several people who hunt. And while I don't hunt myself, I do spend a lot of time kayaking and exploring various areas of southern Idaho, and I run into dog owners constantly while out in nature. I can honestly say, I have yet to see a single one of the type of dog MSN Lifestyle just named most popular to Idahoans.

According to the recent piece, the Bloodhound is the Gem State's breed of choice. Really? If I had to throw my opinion into the ring based on the amount of dog's I've personally seen belonging to Idaho families, my first instinct would be to name the Labrador Retriever the most prevalent breed. I see them all over, particularly chocolate ones.

I have no doubt that there are a lot of Bloodhounds in Idaho too, because they are very popular among the hunting community, but I'm just not seeing them. The Bloodhound was also named as Kentucky's favorite.

Here are some of the other breeds that were paired with other western states:

Nevada - Shetland Sheep Dog

Montana - Belgian Malinois

Oregon - Corgi

Washington - Siberian Husky

California - French Bulldog

Utah - Poodle

Would you agree with MSN's finding as far as Idaho is concerned?

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