The national day in the United States that focuses on outdoor grilling is coming. A survey of 1,000 Americans has crowned a Lone Star State grilling style as tops in the country.

National Barbeque Day is one week from Sunday! The current forecast for May 16 is calling for rain in Twin Falls County. Shocker!

Cooking at our home takes place on the backyard grill way more often than the kitchen stove or oven. I'd say I fire up our barbeque at least four days a week. We go through propane like Marshawn Lynch goes through Skittles, or "power pellets."

My favorite thing to grill is Cajun-style ribs or chicken, but most of what I cook on the backyard grill comes out decent, with the exception of most fish. My fish comes out a little on the dry side more times than not. Of all the grilling styles out there in America, one reigned supreme in a Huffington Post / YouGov survey of a few months ago.

Texas-style barbeque received 22% of the vote. beating out Memphis, Kansas City, Carolina and other forms of grilling. The brisket (breast cut) was also named most popular in the country. Texas style rub is heavy in chili powder and cayenne.

The survey reached 1,000 Americans, and took place in July of 2020. The survey included a wide spectrum as far as gender, age, race, education and geographic region were concerned, according to data shared by YouGov.

Our seasoning shelf at home is 99% southern style rubs, so I have to include myself in the 22%. We wish you good weather on May 16 for National Barbeque Day!

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